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Malak's Endless Hordes Undead Mega Army (142 figurines) †

Fiche technique

Référence: MGKWU83-1
EAN13: 5060208863185
Disponibilité: Epuisé

Les figurines requièrent assemblage et peinture.

124,99 € TTC


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An Army of the Undead is a truly terrifying sight. Many armies do not even wait to recieve the charge - they drop their weapons and run. The vision they see is an army of once proud and great warriors, being lead to do battle by their Lords and Champions, armed and ready for war. But the soldiers are already dead, the lines of infantry are a mass of decaying and rotting corpses, and the Skeletal legions of Death fight under the control of terrible spells, cast by the Necromancers.


  • 1 x FREE 32 page full colour 3rd Edition Rulebook
  • 1 Metal Mounted Vampire Lord
  • 10 Plastic Resin Undead Revenant Knights
  • Lances and Shields
  • Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer
  • 40 Plastic Undead Skeletons
  • Hand Weapon and Shields or Spears and Shields
  • Undead Dog
  • Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer
  • 20 Plastic Undead Revenant
  • Hand Weapon and Shield
  • 40 Plastic Undead Ghoul
  • Knives
  • Spare Heads
  • 30 Plastic Undead Zombies
  • Stump
  • Spare Heads
  • 1 Plastic Undead Balefire Catapult
  • Skeletal Crew
  • Loads of Mantic Points
  • 20mm Bases
  • 25x50mm Cavalry Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.