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Boite pour un joueur, morts-vivants (50 figurines, en anglais) †

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Référence: MGKWU43-1
EAN13: 5060208863895

Les figurines requièrent assemblage et peinture.

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Undead armies are all but unstoppable in battle. Raised from the grave by the darkest sorcery, they are utterly enslaved to the will of their Necromancer master, and will obey their every command without question.

This One Player Battle Set contains a small Undead starter force and a copy of the Core Kings of War rules booklet. It contains all you need to start building your force and playing Kings of War.


  • 32 Page Mini Kings of War Core Rulebook (attention, première édition en anglais)
  • Dice
  • 20 Plastic Skeletons
  • Hand Weapons and Shield or Spear
  • Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
  • Skeletal Dog, Extra heads and weapons
  • 10 Plastic Ghouls
  • Extra weapons and accessories
  • 20 Plastic Zombies
  • Extra Heads and weapons
  • Body stump and spinal columns
  • Mantic Points
  • Bases

Figurines vendues non assemblées, non peintes.