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Dwarf King's Hold: Green Menace (en anglais)

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Référence: MGDHM82-1
EAN13: 5060208863116
Statut: Rupture définitive

Les figurines requièrent assemblage et peinture.

44,99 € TTC


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The Elves take on the Orcs as they seek to reclaim their stolen treasures from the depths of the abandoned Dwarf Hold in this epic fantasy dungeon crawler!

This standalone 2-player board game pits the Elves versus the Orcs as both sides ransack the ancient Dwarven Hold: the Elves reclaiming their stolen treasures and the Orcs looting the delapidated Dwarfen Halls.

Included in this board game are over 25 plastic fantasy miniatures and lots of little extras that are fully useable within the game, such as the Elven Cat. There are also a huge pile of fantastic looking dungeon tiles that show-off the overrun Dwarfen Hold; a simple ruleset containing 6 scenarios, loads of in-game action counters and more than enough dice to play.


  • Dwarf Kings Hold Ruleset
  • 6 Scenarios
  • Dice
  • 20 Plastic Elves
  • 8 Plastic Orcs
  • A full dungeon's worth of tiles
  • In-game acton counters

Figurines vendues non assemblées, non peintes.