Champions de Nexus Psi (4 figurines)

Fiche technique

Référence: MGDZM50-1
EAN13: 5060208866452

Les figurines requièrent assemblage et peinture.

17,99 € TTC


En savoir plus

When the Plague broke out on Nexus Psi, and Containment Protocol was called, heroes were born and legends were forged…

Recon N32-19

One of the first Enforcers to land on Nexus Psi, N32-19 now acts as a scout for the better-equipped Enforcer teams on the planet, leading them towards the greatest Plague threats.

Doctor Simmonds

Gayle Simmonds was a brilliant scientist before the Plague mutated her beyond recognition and drove her insane. She now has one goal – escape the planet, and spread the contagion.

Nastanza, the Twilight Huntress

Nastanza is a silent killer, stalking her prey across the battlefield under cover of a camo shield. Her business is death, and her clients pay a handsome fee for her prodigious skills.


Wrath is the result of a shadowy Corporate-funded programme to create the ultimate assassin. He escaped his cruel masters, and now seeks revenge for what they did to him.

Mercenary Deadzone cards are located in the Second Wave Card Deck.