Deadzone Contagion expansion box (en anglais)

Fiche technique

Référence: MGDZM15-1
EAN13: 5060208866971
Statut: Rupture définitive
Disponibilité: Epuisé

Les figurines requièrent assemblage et peinture.

39,99 € TTC


En savoir plus

Nexus Psi has been overrun by the Plague, and it’s everyone for themselves as the living dead wander the streets! Every faction must react to this new threat, fighting to free themselves before they are overrun. This supplement also introduces rules for solo play, enabling you to polish your tactics when no opponents are available!

This set includes:

  • 32 Page Rulebook
  • Zombie Rules
  • AI Rules
  • AI Card Deck
  • 30 Zombies
  • 4 sprues of Ruined Battlezones™ scenery
  • 30 25mm bases